A. Journal Name

JPKM PUSTINGKIA : Community Service Journal

B. Scope of the journal

1. Focus and Scope

Pustingkia Journal of Community Service publishes papers under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. The scope of the journal is in the field of health (Nursing, Midwifery, Nutrition, Health Promotion, Sanitation, Medical Laboratory Technology, Health Promotion and Pharmacy). The topics covered in the journal pay particular attention to:

a) Nursing: professional services in the form of fulfilling basic needs provided to healthy and sick individuals.

b) Health: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being that enables everyone to live socially and economically productive lives.

c) Nutrition: Nutrition services, nutrition education, and diet and technology procedures to administering nutrition services

d) Health Promotion: The function of the promoter in improving public health, disease prevention approaches, health maintenance improves the quality of life and welfare in the community.

e) Sanitation: Environmental health development includes housing, sewage disposal, clean water supply, waste utilization and environmental health behavior.

f) Nutrients: substances in food that function to help the growth and development of body organs optimally.

g) Health Education: the process of individual's ability to improve and improve individual health. Health Promotion: the process of increasing the capacity of individuals to control themselves and the environment to improve health status.

h) Health Policy: a set of rules, regulations made for the purpose of improving the quality of health.

i) Hospital Health: a health tool for the management and improvement of hospital services.

j) Medical laboratory technology: Health laboratory services aimed at individuals and groups to determine the state of a person's body against the condition of a disease.

k) Technology and Health Information: a set of information, techniques, drugs, procedures used by health professionals in providing services.

l) Complementary Therapy: non-conventional therapy based on local and national cultural wisdom